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It’s Tuesday afternoon. If, like me, you still haven’t quite woken up from the weekend hangover and are slightly intimidated by all the chores thrown at you yesterday, you’ll want something soothing, warming, and calming to listen to.

I have a feeling that I’m thinking of the same sounds as you – something a bit echoey, a bit dreamy, something with vibes. You know, something that will help you get through the rest of the week, like For The Year’s new song “paralyzed.”

You might not have heard of For The Year yet, but they are definitely one of the rising stars in 2013. Founded in September 2012, this Boston-born pop/rock band has attracted huge crowds of fans and received thousands of views on YouTube.

Aren’t they amazing?

I’m in love with this band after hearing their songs for the first time, and “paralyzed” feels perfectly right for whatever you’re doing right now on a Tuesday afternoon.

And you know what’s the best thing about the band (besides music)? Look closely, one of the guitarists is wearing The DON’s Hug Me Rhino t-shirt! Isn’t that adorable?

If you are in love with this band too, they have a concert “A Posi Night in The Lion’s Den ” coming up on March 8th. Also, follow their Twitter and Facebook to show your support!

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  1. Christian

    The Lions Den is a sick venue. I can’t wait for this show

  2. Ilome

    WOW. First time i hear them . They are so good <3 I got addicted to this song.

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