#JoinTheHug – 10,000 Hugs, Supporting our Youth

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Do you know what’s even better than a free hug? It’s the joy it brings. A simple act of kindness, like hugging a stranger, doesn’t only make you feel good, it also spreads love and happiness.

Our mission is to create a non-violent culture that youth enjoy being a part of. We want to see our youth engaged in their communities, and we want the adults in those communities to encourage and empower the youth. We believe in changing the current language – from Thugs to Hugs.

So how do we do that? We’re going to spread the love with our 10,000 hugs event! It’s simple – pledge to our hug chain here. This will not only get you a shirt, but it will also allow us to give out a free “Hug Me” T-shirt to all the youth who want to participate in the event. Then on Saturday, October 20th, join us on a walk from the Boston Common to the South End. On the way we’ll pass out flyers explaining the event, give out hugs, and encourage the people we meet to join us and hug another five people that day! Any youth who wants to participate can join in right away and get a free shirt.

If you don’t want to join us on the walk itself, no problem! There will be Hug Stations available throughout the city – no walking required! Come hang out, give, and get hugs. And if you can’t attend at all, we’d still appreciate your help! You can still donate and provide shirts for the youth.

What we’re doing goes above and beyond; we’re not only trying to share hugs and smiles, we’re also raising awareness, creating a positive atmosphere in the city, and encouraging our youth to do the same! We’ll also be contributing a significant donation to The City School, an organization developing and strengthening the power of youth to work toward building a just society. So come out and join us on our mission! You can RSVP here.

Think of it this way, even just one hug can change the world. Imagine what 10,000 can do!

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